Why Did My Netgear Router Suddenly Stop Working?

Netgear is known to manufacture some of the best Wi-Fi routers in the whole world. It is a company which manufacturers tons of top-notch state of the art Wi-Fi routers and other networking equipment. No devices are bug-free. Every device suffers from one issue or another.

There are times when even a device is coming from the best companies suffer from glitches. In this article, we are going to discuss and try to find solutions to some of the problems that are faced by Netgear Wi-Fi routers’ users. Make sure you have followed Netgear Router Setup Process carefully before trying out the steps mentioned in this guide. Also, check out How Do I Fix The Red Light On My Netgear Router?

Reasons why your Wi-Fi router might have suddenly stopped working

In the section, we are going to discuss why your Netgear Wi-Fi router might have suddenly stopped working. Going to explore some possible solutions and you can be sure that your problem will be solved the following these tips carefully.

ISP problems

Sometimes the reason why your internet doesn’t work is not your Wi-Fi router but the internet service provider. If your Netgear Wi-Fi router is not getting an Internet connection, then there is no way it will be able to connect to other devices. So, before starting the process of troubleshooting, make sure that an internet connection is available to your Netgear Wi-Fi router.

Connectivity Problems

Suppose you’re trying to access the internet from a device which is far away from your Netgear Wi-Fi router. In that case, there is a good chance that you may be suffering from connectivity problems.no matter how costly good Wi-Fi router is, it has its own limitations. The range of Wi-Fi routers is very limited. If the device through which you are trying to access your Wi-Fi network is not in your Netgear Wi-Fi router’s range, then it will keep disconnecting frequently, and you will keep using internet connection.

Check the power adapter of your Netgear Wi-Fi router

This is another common reason why the Wi-Fi router might be turning off frequently. This happens if you are using a power adapter which is not designed by the same company that has developed the Wi-Fi router. Every Wi-Fi router required a good power adapter to work on. If the power adaptor that you’re using is not able to deliver enough amperes to the Wi-Fi router, then it will keep turning off randomly.

Disconnect excess devices from your Netgear Wi-Fi router

There is a fixed number of devices that can be connected to a Wi-Fi router. The Netgear Wi-Fi routers that we use at home can usually connect up to 10, 15, or 20 devices. If the number of devices connected to your Wi-Fi network is more than the maximum number of devices allowed by it, then your Wi-Fi router will take out some devices and make space for others if you are willing to connect more number of devices when you have to invest in a Wi-Fi router which supports more number of simultaneous connections. The problem is most commonly found in workplace Wi-Fi routers because of more number of devices connected to the network.

Check if something is wrong with the device and not the Netgear Wi-Fi router

A lot of times, the devices through which you are trying to connect to the internet and the reason why you are not able to do so. If you are using a mobile device or a laptop to connect to the internet, then make sure that there is nothing wrong with the browser or its internet configuration.

Presence of unknown devices on the network

If you have tried all the steps that are mentioned above and still your problem is not solved, then you should also check if there is some unauthorised device is connected to your network. The devices connected to the Wi-Fi network have the ability to disrupt internet connectivity for other devices. If someone is trying to get into a Wi-Fi network, then you should check your network settings immediately and kick out the unwanted device because this may prove to be a threat for your privacy and security. Such devices are often used to steal or destroy data.

Reboot and Reset your Netgear Wi-Fi router

This is probably the best thing that anyone can try on their own. If your Netgear Wi-Fi router is causing issues lately, then you can try to reset it once. Resetting the Wi-Fi router will wipe all the user settings and reset it to default settings. So before attempting to reset your Netgear Wi-Fi router, save all your work. Since the process is going to take some time, make sure you have a backup option ready just in case something goes wrong.

Try to get the router replaced

If you recently brought a new Netgear Wi-Fi router and you sure that something is wrong with your Netgear Wi-Fi router, can you can try getting it replaced once from the seller. If you have brought your Netgear Wi-Fi router from Amazon, you can get it replaced till some days after buying it if you find some issues with the Wi-Fi router.

If you tried all the tips as mentioned earlier for troubleshooting, and still you are not able to solve your problems, then it is a good idea to contact the Netgear support team.