How to setup Netgear Router ?

In this tutorial, we are going to explain how to connect your new Netgear routers to the network. Using a Wi-Fi router you can extend the capabilities of your wired internet connection and that any device connects to your broadband wirelessly only via the Wi-Fi network.
You can connect two or four devices to your Netgear Wi-Fi router with the help of an ethernet cable. Here are the steps that you should follow in order to complete Netgear Router Setup:

  • Pick the right position to keep your Wi-Fi router. The place should not be covered by a lot of walls or objects and shall also be near to the devices that are going to be connected to your network.
  • Once, you have found the right place to keep your Wi-Fi router, attach a power cable or an adapter to your Netgear Wi-Fi routers.
  • With the help of ethernet cable, make a connection between a personal computer and Netgear Wi-Fi routers so that your router can communicate with your computer.
  • If the Wi-Fi router is far from the computer, you can use a laptop to start the setup process.
  • If your laptop or PC uses Windows operating system, open Google Chrome or Microsoft edge from the desktop and navigate to Netgear admin panel.
  • From the setup panel, you have to navigate to a setting which lets you configure your Wi-Fi router.
  • You will have to enter some details about your wired internet connection and set parameters of the Wi-Fi network that you are going to create with your Netgear Wi-Fi router.
  • If you have a tough time to remember the SSID and password of your Netgear WiFi router, noted down somewhere and keep it safe.
  • If you lose the SSID and password, you will not be able to access the administrative control panel in future unless you perform a complete factory data reset of your Netgear router.
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