Simple Steps to Setup Netgear EX7300 Extender

A Wi-Fi range extender is a device used when the Wi-Fi router you are currently using at your home or office fails to meet your speed and range requirements. A Wi-Fi extender can create a different network to which your devices can connect and access the internet or the private network.

The range extenders are used when either there are too many devices connected to your network or the range of your Wi-Fi router is not sufficient. These range extenders suffer from some significant drawbacks, which make them less convenient to use. Therefore, you can expect to understand the Netgear Extender Setup process. In this article, we are going to have a look at the process of the netgear 7300 extender setup. 

Steps for Netgear EX7300 Setup

The Netgear ex7300 setup is very similar to the setup process of regular Wi-Fi range extenders.

Manual Setup

With every new ex300 extender box, there is a manual page. You can follow the steps mentioned in the manual to set up your  Netgear ex7300. However, for a layman, it is a cumbersome process to understand these steps and follow. So, You can visit www mywfiext net to start the setup process right away.

As said above in this article, we will try to explain the setup process as straightforward so that it would be straightforward for you to follow the steps and set up your extender yourself. 

    1.Turn on the Ex300 Netgear extender and the router if it is switched off. 

  1. Keep the extender close to your router to establish the connection.
  2. Connect the extender with the router and wait for the green LED light.
  3. Visit www from your mobile or computer
  4. extender setup assistant will display on the page.
  5. Follow the instructions given on the page and get your ex7300 extender connected to your router.
  6. If facing any issue in loading the page or understanding any step. Feel free to get our expert advice.
  7. Once the connection is established, the light turned white. 
  8. Now, you can move your extender to a new location to get full-strength signals. 

Test the Netgear EX7300 mesh range extender

Once your setup is complete, you can connect some of your devices and access the internet or the local network through them. So that was all you have to do to complete the setup process of the Netgear Nighthawk EX7300 mesh range extender.

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