How To Setup Netgear EX7500 WiFi Extender?

In this article, we are going to discuss how to setup Netgear EX7500 mesh range extender. But first, let us understand if you really need this device.

Do you really need the Netgear EX7500 range extender?

One thing is sure that the Netgear EX7500 WiFi Extender is a great device. But the real question is whether you really need it or not? The answer to this question is far more complicated than you might think. There are some other important questions that you will have to face in order to find the answer to this question. Here are the questions that you need to answer first.

  1. Are you suffering from speed issues due to your Wi-Fi router?
  2. Is your Wi-Fi Range Extender not giving satisfactory performance?
  3. Do you want to upgrade to a device which can create a single Wi-Fi network over a large area?

If your answer to any of the above questions is yes, then you should probably consider upgrading to a Netgear mesh Wi-Fi range extender. There is no need to purchase a top-end model necessarily, but you can invest some money in purchasing a good Wi-Fi Range Extender,  as say a netgear ex7500 wifi extender.

One of the distinct features of Netgear nighthawk mesh range extender is MU-MIMO support. MU-MIMO stands for Multi-User Multi-Input Multi-Output technology. It is a revolutionary tech that has changed the way in which the Wi-Fi routers work. It allows the Wi-Fi router supporting MU-MIMO to connect with multiple devices simultaneously. With the next revision of Wi-Fi, the routers are expected to support up to 8 connections simultaneously.

How to set up the Netgear WiFi mesh range extender Ex7500?

Coming to the main topic, there are a lot of things that you need to understand in order to do netgear wifi extender ex7500 set up for use at your home or workplace. Netgear Extender Installation is fairly a simple process, and you can complete it within a matter of a few minutes using the Netgear ex7500 manual.

Box contents

You should be doing the first thing doing after purchasing a Netgear nighthawk EX7500 mesh range extender is to check for the box contents. Here is what you expect to find:

  1. Netgear Nighthawk Wi-Fi range extender
  2. Power cord
  3. User Manual
  4. Miscellaneous stuff

Preliminary steps for Netgear ex7500 setup

Connect a power cable to your Netgear nighthawk EX7500 Wi-Fi Range Extender. If you are using the third-party power adaptor, make sure that it should be compatible with your Wi-Fi Range Extender.

Hook up the Netgear EX7500 range extender to your PC

To start the Netgear wifi extender ex7500 setup process, you need a decent PC or laptop. You need to connect your Wi-Fi range extender laptop or your PC  via ethernet cable. You can use any regular CAT 5 or CAT 6 ethernet cable to make the connections. Once you have connected the Netgear EX7500 range extender to your PC, make sure that the connections are correct, and the device is being detected in the devices manager tab.

Set up the details of the Netgear EX7500 range extender

Start the Netgear EX7500 range extender by firing up your web browser and loading up your administrator control panel. An admin control panel is a place where you can set and manage all things related to your Wi-Fi router and other networking devices like range extenders.

If you have to set up your networking devices earlier, you will be asked to enter the user ID and password to the admin control panel, but if you are starting fresh, you will be presented with the screen from where you can set the type of your network and complete the setup process.

You will be asked to enter details about the frequency at which you want your network to operate. Then enter the SSID and password of the network that you want to create. You should be able to complete this step quickly.

You can choose to set up the device in either wired or wireless mode during the setup process. If you choose to connect your Netgear EX7500 WiFi extender with a wired connection, you have to keep an ethernet cable connected between your Range Extender and Wi-Fi router at all times. Alternatively, you can also opt for connecting the Netgear nighthawk EX7500 Wi-Fi router by wireless Wi-Fi network of your router.

The wireless setup is more convenient if you don’t want to connect a lot of wires to your devices. But if you don’t want to compromise on speeds and latency, you should go for a wired connection. If you are a hardcore gamer or working on real-time applications, ping is something that you can not compromise on. Better go for wired connections in all such cases.

Enjoy your extended Wi-Fi network with the new Netgear EX7500 Wi-Fi router

The Netgear nighthawk EX7500 is a very capable mesh Wi-Fi Range Extender. It is probably the best mesh Range Extender that money can buy. The device has an excellent build quality and comes with dozens of different features that you may not find on other range extenders.

If you follow all the steps carefully, you would see your Wi-Fi range boosted by your new Netgear EX7500 Wi-Fi router successfully. You can now connect smartphones, tablets, and various other smart home devices to your newly extended Wi-Fi network.

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